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News from the Structure and Strength Core

(MRC, 11th floor of BJC Institute of Health at WUSM)

We are now using iLab to schedule services!
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New JIT/Microgrant Program
The MRC is partnering with the Wash U Center for Cellular Imaging (WUCCI) to fund a Just-in-time/Microgrant program to support new imaging projects related to musculoskeletal research. MRC members can apply for up to $1250 to use for any imaging modality available through the WUCCI, including our new 3D X-Ray Microscope (aka, NanoCT) which is described in the attached PDF. Please visit or contact James Fitzpatrick for more information on the WUCCI’s fantastic imaging resources. Questions about imaging musculoskeletal specimens (bone, joints, disc, muscle) using the 3D XRM system can be directed to Matthew Silva (silvam[at] or Dan Leib (leibd[at] This program will start December 1, 2016. More information...

Increase in Fees.  (posted June 2014)
To help fill a deficit in our budget we are increasing the rates for several services. This is the first increase in 2 years. VivaCT scanning will increase from $50 to $60/hr. Technical support will increase from $40 to $60/hr. These fees were approved by the Core Directors in May and will take effect July 1. (MRC Research Base Members get a 50% discount. Not sure you are a member? Check with Kami McGhee )

Mandatory Training for CT Users.  (posted June 2014)
Each and every person using the CT scanners or other imaging equipment (DXA, Faxitron) must be trained by Dan Leib ( This is to ensure safe use of the equipment and quality control of your data. We have seen some inappropriate scanning/analysis because users are working with outdated or inappropriate protocols. Be sure to check in with Dan before starting a new project!

CT User’s Group Meetings.   (posted June 2014)
Dan Leib has organized a new forum for CT users to learn from the experts and from each other. Come and ask questions about your project!  Dates are May 22, June 19, July 17, and Aug 14 in the BJCIH 11th Floor Conf. Rm A/B at 12:00-1:00. BYOLunch.

Enhancements.   (posted June 2014)
We have made many upgrades to improve user productivity -- getting results from your scans should be easier than ever. See Dan Leib to learn more about how these changes can help you with your project or visit our website to learn more:

Goodbye to SharePoint.   (posted June 2014)
We no longer will use SharePoint for anything. Signups are via Click add account, and sign in with username “mrccoreb” and password “mousebone4!” See Dan if you have any questions on how to log in or view the calendars. We are also in the process of posting all of our FAQs and user support documents on our website

Bone Imaging & Mechanical Testing Seminar: June 20.   (posted June 2014)
As part of our Summer Educational Series ( ) I will be presenting a seminar on the use of bone imaging and mechanical testing for small animal research studies.

New Research Assistant for Imaging and Biomechanics:
Please welcome Dan Leib, MS, who joined us in June as Core Research Assistant, filling the vacancy from Tarpit Patel’s departure. Dan will manage the imaging lab (BJCIH 11506) and work with Michael Brodt on biomechanics projects. Dan is a St. Louis native. He has a background in exercise science, with a Masters in Biomechanics from Ball State University in Indiana. He worked for several years in the Center for Orthopaedic & Biomechanics Research at Boise State University. You can contact Dan at, or 747-2769, with questions about microCT or other imaging queries.

Digital record keeping for the CT scanners is here!
There is a logging program on the new Dell workstation in the Imaging Lab that has taken the place of previous paper notebooks. See Dan if you’d like a quick walkthrough on how it works.

There are two new workstations available in the Imaging Lab!
One Windows workstation has been configured to connect to the CT scanners so you can download images, do contouring, and organize your results in a convenient way. You may still set these things up on your lab computer, of course, if desired. Some things, such as compiling data from certain 3D analysis scripts, have been automated. See Dan if you’re interested in using these new tools for a quick tutorial. One Apple workstation has also been purchased to make use of many of the same tools that are available on Windows as well as OsiriX, an open-source image viewing and processing suite.

An easy to understand document explaining how to do CT scan analysis remotely has been written.
To read this technical note, please click here.

The state of Missouri is getting stricter in how they oversee devices that use radiation.
To better accommodate new state and university regulations, please make sure that you receive your initial training in CT scanning from the Imaging Lab manager. If you have been previously trained by a labmate but not by the lab manager specifically, please see the manager for a short verification session. If you have already been trained by the lab manager, please come by to sign a form stating this.

Documentation on what the outcome measures from CT analysis actually mean and how they are calculated has been put together in an easy to digest format.
To view this document, click here.