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Research Community

The CMR research base has 87 members who have over 50 million dollars of annual research support (direct costs).

PI Department & Research Focus
Yousef Abu-Amer Orthopaedic Surgery Research
Samuel Achilefu     Radiology

Focus: developing new approaches to uncover the molecular basis of diseases through the development of new strategies to image, treat, and monitor treatment response of diseases such as cancer in cells, small animals, and humans.
Jeffrey Arbeit Surgery- Division of Urology and Cell Bioilogy and Physiology

Focus: mechanisms of malignant and endothelial cell cross talk during carcinogenic progression and organ metastasis
John Atkinson Internal Medicine-Rheumatology
Rajeev Aurora Saint Louis University - Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Keith Bridwell Orthopaedic Surgery
Robert Brophy Orthopaedic Surgery
William Cade Program in Physical Therapy
Ryan Calfee Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: 1) The effect of screw length on fixation of the distal radius using locked volar plating in an osteoporotic fracture model, and 2) whether or not looped suture repairs are equivalent to single-stranded repairs when comparing suture core configurations with equal number of suture strands crossing the repair site.
Ying (Maggie) Chen Renal Division

Focus: 1) Investigate the role of angiopoietins in kidney fibrosis and metabolic bone disease, and 2) Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and Pierson syndrome.
Richard Chole Department of Otolaryngology

Focus: Understanding the mechanisms of bone and tissue destruction in chronic inflammatory diseases of the ear, specifically cholesteatoma.
Roberto Civitelli Internal Medicine - Bone & Mineral Diseases
John Clohisy Orthopaedic Surgery
Marco Colonna Immunobiology
Clarissa Craft Cell Biology & Physiology
David Curiel Department of Radiation Oncology

Focus: To exploit adenoviral agents for applications to the applied contexts of molecular therapeutics.
David DeNardo Department of Medicine/Division of Oncology

Focus:Our research seeks to understand how malignancies change the bone immune microenvironment to facilitate skeletal metastasis. We believe that by understanding the immunobiology of skeletal metastasis, we can find therapeutic agents to improve the quality and quantity of life for patient with metastatic cancers.
Michael Diamond Department of Internal Medicine- Infectious Diseases 

Focus: To dissect mechanisms of viral pathogenesis and the host immune response for global pathogens of medical relevance. This includes defining mechanisms of alphavirus-induced arthritis.
Matthew Dobbs Orthopaedic Surgery
Brian Edelson Pathology & Immunology

Focus: Understanding the function of the transcription factor Bhlhe40 in immune cells.
Roberta Faccio Orthopaedic Surgery
Brian Finck Department of Medicine

Focus: Understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in lipin 1-deficiency-associated rhabdomyolysis.
William Frazier Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics
Joel Garbow Radiology

Small-animal magnetic resonance imaging, with an emphasis on the development and application of novel MR methodologies for the study of cancer in pre-clinical, small-animal models.
Richard Gelberman Orthopaedic Surgery
Jeffrey Gordon Pathology & Immunology

Focus: Developing a translational research pipeline for identifying next generation prebiotics, probiotics- and synbiotics (combinations of pre- and probiotics) to prevent or treat metabolic dysfunction and nutritional deficiencies
Farshid Guilak Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: Cell and Tissue Engineering; Development, Degeneration, and Aging; Embryonic and Adult Tissue Stem Cells
Charles Harris Endocrinology, Metabolism and Lipid Research

Focus: Molecular mechanisms of glucocorticoid action.
Michael Harris Physical Therapy

Focus: How alterations in joint geometry or the musculature affect movement patterns and how these factors are collectively associated with osteoarthritis (OA).
Marcie Harris Hayes Physical Therapy

Focus: Biomechanics and Imaging of the hip and pelvis with the goal to develop effective rehabilitation strategies for people with musculoskeletal hip disorders.
Mary Hastings Program in Physical Therapy

Focus: Foot and ankle biomechanics; understanding of foot and ankle function to improve screening, prevention, and treatment outcomes related to foot and ankle injuries.
Andreas Herrlich Renal Division

Focus: Understand the regulation of the release of growth factors and cytokines by metalloproteases cleavage from the cell surface (ectodomain cleavage), how it affects communication between different cell types in complex multicellular organs, and its role(s) in pathophysiology.
Angela Hirbe Division of Onocology

Focus: Utilization of genomic information from sarcomas to better understand the pathogenesis of these tumors and to identify biomarkers and therapeutic targets for these aggressive cancers.
Keiko Hirose Department of Otolaryngology

Focus: Innate immunity of the inner ear and how it influences cochlear structure and function.
Didier Hodzic Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Focus: Mechanisms of nuclei positioning in tissue development/homeostasis
Keith Hruska Pediatrics Nephrology
Timothy Hullar Division of Renal DiseasesFocus: Create engineering models of the inner ear to examine the interaction of sound and their vestibular systems
Benjamin Humphreys Division of Renal Diseases

Focus: Understanding mechanisms of fibrosis across organs in chronic injury states. We study myofibroblast progenitor cell populations with a focus on the hedgehog-gli pathway, using mouse model systems as well as translational approaches with human samples.
Aaron Johnson Developmental Biology

Focus: identifying the molecular mechanisms that govern skeletal muscle development.
Jay Keener Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: Evaluation and treatment of shoulder and elbow disorders, including throwing shoulder injuries, labral tears and biceps tendon injuries, rotator cuff disease and tears, frozen shoulder syndrome, shoulder and elbow arthritis, shoulder fractures, minimally invasive shoulder fracture fixation, shoulder and elbow joint replacement, acromioclavicular and sternoclavicular joint injuries, shoulder instability and reverse shoulder arthroplasty. .
Spencer Lake Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering

Focus: Multiscale mechanics of orthopaedic soft tissues, particularly of tendons and ligaments that are subjected to complex and/or combined physiologic loads.
Gregory Lanza Medicine & Biomedical Engineering

Focus: Development of novel nanotechnologies for biomedical molecular imaging and targeted drug delivery in cardiovascular, neurological, orthopedic, rheumatoid, and cancer diseases.
Deborah Lenschow Department of Rheumatology

Focus: Understanding the mechanism by which type I IFNs mediate their effector mechanisms through the study of various IFN stimulated genes.
Daniel Link  Internal Medicine

Focus: Mechanisms that regulate normal and leukemic hematopoiesis.
Fanxin Long Molecular Biology & Pharamcology

Focus: Skeletal studies.
Matthew Matava Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: Analysis of the micro-architecture of the medial meniscal root.
Gabriel Mbalaviele Bone & Mineral Diseases

Focus: The role of the Leucine rich Repeat with a Pyrin domain 3 (NLRP3) inflammasome in bone.
Audrey McAlinden Orthopaedic Surgery
Sara McBride-Gagyi Saint Louis University - Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: Investigating the role of bone morphogenetic protein two (BMP2) on skeletal development and bone quality.
Douglas McDonald Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: Investigate how comorbidities such as obesity and potential therapies such as mesenchymal stem cell injections contribute to the development of post-traumatic arthritis. 
Robert Mecham Cell Biology & Physiology
Gretchen Meyer Physical Therapy & Neurology

Focus: Understanding how changes at the molecular and cellular level in skeletal muscle affect muscle structure and function.
Jeffrey Milbrandt Genetics
Craig Micchelli Developmental Biology

Focus: Using molecular genetic approaches to understand the role of stem cells in development, homeostasis and disease.
James Miller Department of Physics

Focus: Specific limitations to current methods for bone sonometry are addressed in the research of Miller’s Laboratory for Ultrasonics.
Timothy Miller Neurology
Jeffrey Miner Renal Division, Department of Internal Medicine

Focus: Basement membranes in kidney development, function, and disease
Steven Mumm Internal Medicine - Bone & Mineral Diseases
Regis O'Keefe Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: Cartilage research, bone repair, skeletal development, cancer and inflammatory diseases of bone.
David Ornitz Developmental Biology

Focus: Examining mechanisms by which growth factors modulate skeletal fracture repair.
Patricia Collin-Osdoby Biology - A&S

Philip Osdoby Biology - A&S
 Russell Pachynski Dept. of Medicine | Oncology Division

Focus: The impact of chemerin modulation in mouse models of prostate cancer.
Jill Pasteris Earth Sciences - A&S
Debabrata Patra Orthopaedic Surgery
 Tim Peterson Bone & Mineral Diseases

Focus: To better understand mineralization during aging and the roles that naturally occurring phosphonates play in mammalian physiology and disease.
Christine Pham Rheumatology

Focus: Defining the role of proteases in immunity and autoimmunity.
James Quirk Radiology

Focus: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of musculoskeletal tissues.

M. Farooq Rai Orthopaedic Surgery
Linda Sandell Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: Molecular mechanisms of cartilage development and disease.
Scott Saunders Pediatrics - Newborn Medicine
Erica Scheller Bone & Mineral Diseases

Focus: The impact of neuroendocrine signals on bone loss and marrow adiposity in diseases including periodontitis, arthritis, and diabetes.
Lori Setton Biomedical Engineering

Focus: Development of imaging and fluid-based biomarkers of disease to characterize therapy benefits for pain and dysfunction.
Hua Shen Orthopaedic Surgery
Jie Shen Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: Cartilage research, bone repair, skeletal development, cancer and inflammatory diseases of bone.
Monica Shokeen Radiology

Focus: Develop and evaluate molecularly targeted small molecule and multi-functional macromolecular bio-conjugates for nuclear and optical imaging of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. We are currently developing multi-modal imaging platforms for studying bone marrow related malignancies such as multiple myeloma.
 Allison Snyder-Warwick  Neurology
Matthew Silva Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: Fusing biology and biometrics.
Dave Sinacore Internal Medicine

Focus: Diabetic, neuropathic foot disorders and the impact of inflammatory osteolysis in Charcot’s neuroarthropathy.
Lilianna Solnica-Krezel Developmental Biology
Sheila Stewart Cell Biology & Physiology

Focus: How aging impacts the tumor microenvironment.
Simon Tang Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: (1) understanding the effect of disease mechanisms on the structure-function relationships of skeletal tissues and (2) developing of translatable therapeutic and regenerative strategies for these diseases. The investigation of these scientific questions includes the application of finite element analyses, multiscale tissue mechanics, the functional imaging of skeletal tissues, and development of nanostructures and nanomaterials for regenerative medicine with in vitro and in vivo biological systems.
Steven Teitelbaum Pathology & Immunology

Focus: Study of osteoporosis.
Linda VanDillen Physical Therapy

Focus: 1) the sensory-motor factors underlying musculoskeletal pain conditions, and 2) how these factors interact with activity demand and psychsocial factors to increase risk for, or contribute to an existing musuloskeleletal pain condition.
Deborah Veis Bone & Mineral Diseases

Focus: Human and rodent bone diseases.
Brian Van Tine Oncology

Focus: Understanding the initiation, progression and relapse mechanisms of osteosarcoma.
Herbert Virgin Pathology and Immunology

Focus: to understand, particularly for chronic infections, how the equilibrium between virus and host operates in molecular and immunologic terms, and how it is disrupted during disease.
Conrad Weihl Neurology

Focus: Histology.
Katherine Weilbaecher Internal Medicine

Focus: Understanding the molecular basis of bone metastasis, with a particular interest in the critical roles of osteoclast and osteoblast beta 3 integrin signaling pathway genes, the viral oncogene, Tax, and the bone marrow homing molecules, VLA-4, CXCR4 and G-CSF in the process of bone metastasis and multiple myeloma bone marrow colonization.
Michael Whyte Internal Medicine - Bone & Mineral Diseases
Matthew Wood Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Focus: Understanding mechanisms contributing to nerve regeneration following surgical reconstruction, specifically the reconstruction of long nerve defects.
Rick Wright Orthopaedic Surgery
Wayne Yokoyama Internal Medicine - Rheumatology
Wei Zou Anatomic & Molecular Pathology