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Orthopaedic Surgery
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Fee Schedule

Effective October 1, 2018 

Description Charge Billed By
Radiograph/Faxitron *$15/exposure (use)
Ortho Surg
Specimen microCT scanning (uCT40) $21.00/hour Bone & Mineral Divn 
In Vivo microCT scanning (ViavaCT 40) *$70/hour
Ortho Surg
Mechanical testing *$60/hr - machine time  Ortho Surg
Technician time - for imaging and mechanical testing; training, data collection, analysis. *$60/hr Ortho Surg


* Members of the MRC Research Base receive 50% discount off the listed fees for these services. At this time, discount cannot be given to members outside of Washington University.





New Policy for “No Shows”:
Our microCT and VivaCT scanners and workstations are heavily utilized. We have seen an increase in the number of people who sign up but do not show, or show for only a fraction of the time booked. This impacts other users who are waiting to get their samples scanned and analyzed. Effective August 1, we will charge a no-show rate, equal to 50% of the normal rate, for scan time for which the user does not show. If you arrive on time but the scans take less time than anticipated, just let us know (we will not charge for honest mistakes) and try to schedule accordingly the next time. For analysis time, we will monitor usage and issue warnings for no show users, followed by fines for repeat offenders. Please respect you fellow users, and use the time you sign up for. Remember, if your plans change, please update the calendar accordingly or contact Yung Kim. If you are unable to reliably schedule time on the workstations for analysis, please see Yung about how to connect remotely and perform analysis from your desktop computer at your own convenience.

July 26, 2013

Matthew Silva