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Administrative Core


Matt Silva
(314) 362-8585

Associate Director

Roberto Civitelli
(314) 454-8906

Research Administator

Tonia Thompson
(314) 747-2532

Administrative Coordinator

Orthopaedic Surgery
Kamilla McGhee
P. (314) 747-5993
F. (314) 454-5900


The goal of the Administrative Core is to provide the overall leadership and management of the Research Core Facilities, the Pilot and Feasibility Program and the Enrichment Program, in order to (1) provide resources and expertise for research base investigators, Pilot and Feasibility investigators and members of the CMR; (2) to facilitate exchange of reagents, methodology and ideas between members bythe Core Workshops and annual symposia sponsored by the Enrichment Program; (3) to select and monitor the Pilot and Feasibility awards sponsoring new research initia- tives in musculoskeletal disease related research, in a cost-effective manner; and (4) to aggressively pursue available faculty and ideas at the Washington University School of Medicine who may have an impact on understanding musculoskeletal biology and medicine.

Aim 1 - Provide leadership of the CCMBM and integrate core center components and activities.

Aim 2 - Administer the CCMBM's enrichment program.

Aim 3 - Communicate with stakeholders (eNewsletter and Web site).

Aim 4 - Coordinate core center activities with other programs.

Aim 5 - Promote awareness and exchange of information on the translation of research.



Citing the grant in publications:

“Washington University Musculoskeletal Research Center (NIH P30 AR057235)”